About Us

imageKids R Stars Montessori believes in every child’s unique skills and capabilities. His/her innocence and interests at a young age, allows the start of the building and shaping of perceptive strengths, traits and assets needed for the future. We create an environment that is warm, positive, open and challenging, where children can cultivate their ideals, express their thoughts and embrace their independence.

Our goal is to physically, emotionally, academically, spiritually, socially and mentally tap their potentials to form a lifetime of accomplishment. A child’s willingness to learn gives them room for their natural inclinations to observe, learn, focus, follow and reflect on many concepts and themes of life. It gives them the experience, developing a structure for self-knowledge, self-control, self-discipline and self-direction. Children can think for themselves, investigate, reason, cooperate and relay their interests and abilities.

Using continuously updated, specifically patterned dynamic didactic materials, interactive teaching methods, as well as age-appropriate games and activities, your child can learn exponentially and accomplish values in spontaneity. Care and teaching methods are individualized to meet the exact needs of every student. Our properly screened, certified and experienced teachers encourage, participate and genuinely take interest in your child’s growth.

Montessori education understands that it is every child’s nature to grasp for knowledge through curious exploration. We facilitate their eagerness to attain learning by placing them in a safe, inviting and developmentally-appropriate surrounding that aids their talents and interests.

Mission Statement
Our aim is to continuously provide each child an equal learning experience that promotes his/her logic, reasoning, creativity, literacy, coordination, social adaptability and ground morals. We give children the freedom to play, practice, learn and perform using valuable learning components. Excellent Montessori education allows each child to communicate and grow, embody self-confidence, know respect, discipline and hone leadership.

Open up your child’s innermost curiosities. Let him/her grow in an environment that recognizes and nurtures his/her abilities. Give our office a call at 281-980-KIDS (5437).

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