imageKids R Stars Montessori gives children a rewarding learning and playtime experience that fosters the height of their potentials. With a wide array of programs we carry out, children are able to ignite their inner skills, and open up their inventive ideas. Children are given all the freedom to move around, play and communicate with toys, others and their surroundings.

Infants (6 weeks-13 months)

At this early age, infants are explorers. They like to touch, turn, crawl and twirl, they are curious little beings, with a propensity for shapes, lights and sounds. Our infant program guarantees a safe, child-proof environment that works and focuses on your child’s eagerness to uncover his/her surroundings. We help develop gross motor skills in a responsive and stimulating environment that allows them to assimilate new learnings, practice movement, optimize hands-on skills and develop coordination.

Infants will be taken care of by loving and trained teachers. They have organized sleeping (exclusive cribs), feeding, playing and interacting times, while we attend to their individualized infant needs. There will be singing and reading to promote their skills for language and communication. We provide them soft baby food and train them to self-feeding skills.
There will be reading and singing, and we play music, make noises and clap along to intellectually stimulate them.

Toddlers (14 months to 2.5 years)

At this age level, children start to discover more of the world and other people who interact around it. Toddlers now get better at communicating their thoughts, as we engage them in team activities that form their social skills.

Our classrooms are accommodating, inviting a pleasant atmosphere where kids can share and play toys and read storybooks together. We begin to slowly introduce them to academic subjects such as Language (grammar, writing aural/oral skills), Math (numbers, symbols, problem solving), Sensorial (touch, taste, hearing, sight), Science, Culture, Geography and Practical Life skills, paving for their formative growth. These shape their creativity, curiosity, experimentation and observational skills, establishing a foundation for lifelong learning experiences.

Transition (2.5 years to 3.5 years)

The transition period focuses on the progression of children between their two and threes, preparing them as they advance to preschool. We work on your child’s connection to the environment, familiarizing themselves with the surroundings that respond to their inner needs.

We also offer more advanced learning materials for your child to learn introductory concepts on Language, Mathematics, Sensory functions and Cultural Studies. Our beloved teachers help the children enhance formative skills as they are introduced to more challenging learning opportunities.

Primary (3.5 years to 6 years)

Our Primary Montessori Preschool classrooms cater to the children’s mastery of significant subject matters in Science, Math, Geography, Cultural Sciences and Language. It is a multi-age Montessori classroom where children get to engage with peers and teachers, perform individual tasks or group activities and develop new ideas including outdoor activities throughout the day.

Our teachers formulate a personalized teaching instruction that proposes to address and ingrain each child’s skills and specialties. Every Primary classroom has a teacher assistant to help facilitate and bring order and discipline. Parent-teacher communication is highly practiced and encouraged so we can provide full support of your child’s academic social behavior and characteristics. Regular parent-teacher conferences will take place to evaluate his/her progress.

Before / After School and Summer Camp

Our afterschool program picks children up from their schools and returns them to KRS for an afternoon snack, homework and tutoring time, and fun supervised games and activities.

Over winter break and spring break for FBISD we know it can be hard to find something for your children to do while you are at work. For those weeks, we offer a full day camp for children and welcome new students to join.

When the school year ends, we offer a full day summer camp for school children. Our summer camp includes weekly field trips and class projects that center on the weekly theme for that week. As an integrated part of the projects, games, and activities planned for our campers, children are given opportunities to practice their academic skills so that they are sharp and ready for their next grade. As with all of our programs, meal service is included in the camp costs. In recognition that summer play is as important to children as summer work, we give the children opportunities to contribute to the planning of some of their field experiences and the topics for many of their projects.

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