imageThe safety of your child is a strict priority at Kids R Stars Montessori which is why our facility is equipped with a security system that monitors and allows our employees direct access to your child’s arrival and pick-up times by authorized parents or guardians.

We have a record of names, phone numbers, addresses, medical information in cases of emergency where a child needs to be urgently picked up. If an accident occurs while inside school, parents will be notified immediately. If the parents are unreachable, we will call the person you have indicated in the enrollment form as the emergency contact person.

Every Montessori school has periodic emergency drills for emergencies, familiarizing children with evacuation procedures. These drills are done so children will be well-acquainted in cases of real emergencies.

Children who ride in our school vehicles must follow the strict properly seated positions at all times, seatbelt to be intact at all times, and obey the staff’s directions.

Your child’s safety keeps us secure at Kids R Stars Montessori.

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